Condolence & Memory Journal

In the short time I have lived across the road from Mr. Clayton he was always friendly and seemed to enjoy working in his yard and sitting outside in his chair. I will miss his wave whenever he saw me.

Posted by Debra Haddock - Shelby, NC - Neighbor   April 26, 2019

I've been friends with Jimmy for a long time,worked with him for a number of years at Michelin, and matter of fact we carpooled together,Jimmy was a good man,I knew his wife and Pam their daughter.After he retired from Michelin he said sometime after he was moving to Shelby he wanted to be with the GRANDAUGHTER,lost touch with him after they moved but did see him occasionally at Wal Mart and would stand and we'd talk,and yes they were right he did love yard work,gardening,and camping.You will be missed buddy,I remember times either on our way to work or coming home he'd get started and have us all bursting a gut all the way home.i'll never forget it we came out of the plant we were on 2nd shift,we got off at 11:30 when we got outside the plant it was snowing to beat the band,It was my turn to drive or last night to drive can't remember,but I told them I said fellows I've never drove in this kind of weather b4,with my job b4 Michelin I just wouldn't go in or they would close,but you know what Jim sorry that's what we called him he coached me all the way to his house,he'd say slow down just a little no brakes just let it ease down the hill ur doing fine you got this son and I did,but it was with Jims help.

Posted by Bryan Melton    April 24, 2019